If You Are Spinning Your Wheels In Frustration, Spending Hours & Days
At Networking Events Trying To Convert Fellow Attendees To Buyers, Then...

Discover How To Become A Celebrity At Every Event
(Big or Small) And Convert Dead-Beat Wanderers Into Buyers Of Your Product or Service

Join us on May 19th!

Sherman Oaks, CA

And... It works anywhere. Chamber Events, Meet-Up Groups, Conventions,
Even Barbeques and Funerals!

  • If you have a stack of business cards that have never been monetized...
  • If you have spent thousands of dollars attending events with no trackable results or return on your effort...
  • If you are clueless when it comes to knowing what to say to the biggest influencers in the room (or even knowing who they are)....
  • And If You are NOT maximizing your productivity because you're spending too much time networking instead of at home with your family...

Discover How To SkyRocket Your ROI
In Less Than 8 Hours,
No Matter What Business You Are In...

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

My name is Casey Eberhart and chances are you too have struggled with the age-old problem of ROI -- How To Get The Biggest Bang For Your Buck attracting new prospects to whatever product or service you sell. Whether it's high-ticket items, consulting packages, or even the cheapest product or service available the Number One way to get FREE Business is Networking.

But, most people spin their wheels and waste their time at events and end up with zero business as a result.

Let’s face it.

Everyone in the room is there for the same reason. To get business. While you’re trying to push your product or service on to fellow attendees, they are trying to do the exact same thing to you, resulting in a stand-still where no one buys jack shit.

Every week it’s the same.

You go to another BNI meeting.
Another Toastmasters meeting.
Another meetup group.
Another big conference.
Another chamber meeting.
You're up with the roosters headed to a crappy coffee shop.

And what happens?

You invest thousands of dollars of your time and money only to end up with a stack of worthless business cards and continually engaging in dribble conversation with prospects that will NEVER spend a dime with you. After a while it becomes more of a social gathering where everyone “brainstorms” their frustrations, but no sales.

I too have gone in the same circles for years and finally discovered a simple formula that works at every single event. Not only does everyone in attendance flock to me, but I end up getting new business from people they know, even if the folks in attendance have zero interest in what I offer.

Not to toot my own horn, but in my inner circle of high-powered influential decision makers, I’m looked upon as a celebrity who can turn a struggling start-up into a multi-million dollar business practically overnight using nothing but “Relationship Capital”. Since so many people were begging to know the inside secrets on how to do it themselves, Networking Riches was born.

Here’s the deal:

If you attend a network event without a pre-developed well thought out plan that results in profit before you step foot in the door, you’re dead in the water. You’ll be swimming upstream with everyone else trying to squeeze an ounce of profit out of it with zero results.

If you’re too chicken to approach the decision makers, don’t know who they are, or exactly what to say, you’re doomed. You’ve got all of twelve seconds to get it right or no business for you.

When you attend Network Riches, here's a small sample of what you will walk away with:

  • Identify the most influential people at an event in five seconds or less.
  • Know EXACTLY what to say to them to grab their attention, keep it, and convert it to profit.
  • Immediately discern between events that are a complete waste of time and those that produce high profit.
  • Seven key things you MUST do before you head to another event.
  • How to identify your ideal network of people, prospects, infleuncers and clients
  • How to build your brand so prospects don't have to think twice about doing business with you.
  • How to create a follow-up system thats adds massive value to your prospects and converts them to buyers.
  • How to use "Relationship Capital" instead of cash to grow your business at lightening speeds.
  • A complete recording of the event (which will sell for $497 afterwards)
  • A simple formula to use at every event that always results in profit
  • Social Media & Advertising Strategies That Work and Don't Cost A Fortune

Are you fearful of approaching decision makers and the influential people that can skyrocket your business overnight?

I was too, but once you see how this simple formula works (using 7 benign words) the "big wigs" are going to be putty in your hands. They'll be spending more time with you than anyone else in the room and by the end of the day them giving you business will be like giving away free ice cream to a seven year old.

What would you expect to reasonably pay for something like this?

If only one good tip resulted in a ten-fold increase in business for you over the next six months, would it be worth $1,997 to attend?

And even though being at the event is no where close to the same experience as watching the recordings (because you won't get a personalized step-by-step implementation plan just for you) would it be worth waiting a few months until the recordings are released and paying $497 for them?

Look, if you're generating five or fifty thousand dollars a year, or even zero and just starting out, shortcuts are the way to go. No one has ever attended Networking Riches and said it wasn't worth at least $5,000 so $497 or $1,997 would be a steal.


This going to be an absolute no-brainer decision for you. In fact, it's going to cost you more NOT to go then to be here.

For the ridiculous low price of just $47 you are going to be in a limited capacity setting and receiving personalized attention to give your business a complete 180 degree shift and once and for all, get off the launching pad. And if Networking Riches in itself were not enough, here's more...

A full day of Masterminding on Sunday, if you can stay an extra day... Grab the hotseat and in twenty minutes you will get professional insight on your business. Whatever obstacles you are facing right now, I or someone else has already been through. It's time to get off the hamster wheel and implement quick solutions that work. The value of having a room full of people (including myself) looking at your business from the outside and giving you an instant solution on the spot is simply priceless.

We buy you lunch so no need to worry about bringing or buying anything.

Who Should Attend?

If you are a business owner of any kind (tradesman, retail, home business, network marketer) professional (doctor, lawyer, dentist, chiropractor, etc...) or part of a networking group and simply want to start seeing profit for your effort you belong at Networking Riches.

Who Shouldn't Go?

If the vast majority of your income comes from a W2, you don't belong here.

If you are satisfied with your current results and have no desire to grow your business further, stay home.

If you are not interested in learning what successful people do to get to the top, Networking Riches is not for you either.

If you are resistant to change or your attitude just plain sucks, you probably shouldn't go to this.

If you don't feel Networking Riches was worth at least $5,000 to your business, no problem. Pull me aside after it's over and I'll write you a check for the full $47 AND you can even keep any handouts and books given at the event plus your Professional Photo.

Networking Riches will be held at a private location on May 19, 2018. We are limited in space to only 50 participants. Our last Networking Riches sold out quickly, so don't delay! Click the button below and reserve your seat today.

Remember, you are going to walk out of here with a ready-to-use simple formula to grow your business immediately, handouts, free books, your own Professional Photo done by a photographer, access to the event recordings at much more.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 19th,

PS: If your not here with us live, you will be sent a web broadcast link to watch from the comfort of wherever you may be. And, you'll also receive recordings and worksheets after the event. So even if you miss it live, you won't miss it!


Bonus: Here Are Two FREE Tips You Can Use Right Now To Expand Your Sphere of Influence and Your Business Without Pressure or Selling

  • Take a stack of business cards, put in your car, as you are stuck in traffic txt the card on top, “just checking in” stick card on bottom and go to next one. In just a few days of sitting in traffic you will have cycled through that stack of cards that you’ve waited over a year to follow up with and bring those people back into your sphere of influence.

  • At an event position yourself as the greeter (whether the event organizer asks you or not) welcoming everyone as they walk in. You will instantly be positioned as “The One” to talk to during breaks. You are their first point of connection. If they don’t know who to talk to they will go to the first person who shook their hand.


Here's What Others Are Saying:

I have been involved with my network marketing company for about 2 years. Before attending casey Eberhart ' s networking riches event my business had stopped growing and I was all over the place doing many things but getting little results. I was moving from warm market recruiting to cold market and it was a hard transition for me. All that changed since the event. I am now focused on what my goals are and have identified and implemented what actions I need to take. I am on target to have the best recruiting month that i have ever had. The biggest surprise came today when a sales rep for a time share was trying to get me to go on a tour. When I told him i wouldn't have time to attend a presentation because I was here for my company convention he asked what comoany. He had heard of the company and was interested so i handed him a brochure and he is going to the business presentation tomorrow night with me I would not have done this before Casey's networking riches event. So thank you casey for getting me focused on what I need to be doing. By knowing where i am going and what action steps I need to doing to get there i have a lot more drive and confidence to the point that talking to this stranger about my company was easy. I highly recommend that any one who is struggling to build their business attend Casey Eberhart ' s event. It Will Be The Best $47 you will spend on yourself and your business.
Kathy Rogers Jenks
Kathy Rogers Jenks
Before I attended Casey Eberhart’s live Networking Riches event I avoided networking events like the plague. Any event at which I would have to network, I would passively connect as little as possible. After I attended this great event, I learned that networking is not about collecting business cards but about spreading the word about others and focusing my conncetions on only the people who are a good fit for me or the people in my network (and then I can take pride in making the 3rd party connections). In addition to great content, Casey puts on a fun event. I am so glad I went! Don’t miss it!
Walt Grassi
Walt Grassi
Before I attended Casey Eberhart’s live Networking Riches event I would flounder some at events when it came to networking. I had my own way of networking that wouldn’t result in many good contacts. I would end up with the stack of business cards after the event that would end up sitting on my desk. After I attended Networking Riches I have seen the following results: I have been able to make better connections when at networking events; put a system in place that allows me to stay in contact with those new connections; I no longer have a stack of business cards on my desk; and I now have a plan in place on how to approach each event I attend and make it worth my time to be there. If you want to know how to make a networking event more profitable for you then you need to be at Networking Riches.
Helen Brahms
Helen Brahms

Remember, you can discover the secrets to Networking Riches either live in person, livestream broadcast, or recordings at your leisure.